The chairman

A year more, a year less, the sensory evaluation of food and drinks boasts a long history spanning the past few millenniums. There were once those who were paid for their ability of “making choices”, then the times arrived when they were or are paid to make people choose. Today we are in the period in which those who know how to choose for themselves acquire a notable competitive advantage, freeing themselves from advertising and false prophets.
When coffee tasters were born in 1993, there was not a specific organisation on the planet carrying out the coffee sensory evaluation. During these past few years our register has exceeded 8,000 members in more than 40 countries around the world and our text books have been translated into ten languages.

Yet, we still are the only organisation that exclusively deals with coffee tasting. Seeing coffee as a mere product and dealing with its sensory features is one thing, but to feel the product always starting from its perception is quite different. It is a fact of philosophy and knowledge of methods, which are always evolving and improving. This approach has allowed us to put our specialisation to use in all organisations dealing with coffee, both Italian and foreign, keeping up good relationships we are sure to further strengthen in the future.

During these 18 years of activity of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters, the coffee world has undergone deep changes from a geographic and economic point of view. These changes have certainly not brought about a sensory improvement in the product, but an increasing gap between excellence and low quality products which invade the market and disenchant the consumer, competing with those who pursue quality. We will continue to indicate to consumers high quality models through courses, competitions and publications.

Our efforts are aimed at the salvation of roasters and baristas who believe in excellence, but also at helping farmers who, thousands of kilometres away from us, cultivate in adverse conditions, and many times in poverty, a tree which is a happiness source for us.

Luigi Odello