Espresso Italiano Trainer

Become an ambassador of the true Italian espresso

The Espresso Italiano Trainer is entitled to hold the seminars “Espresso Italiano Experience”. He is an ambassador of the Italian espresso culture and passes on information and basic tasting techniques to students, in order to evaluate the drink.

The seminar “Espresso Italiano Experience” provides a basic training for the Italian espresso tasting. The basic principles of sensory analysis and the use of the tasting card must be passed on to participants in an intuitive way, alternating theory and practice of tasting. This can only be done by a qualified trainer: the Espresso Italiano Trainer.

You can become Espresso Italiano Trainer by attending the specific course and passing the final exams.

Members of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters who attended Modules 1, 2 and 3 and passed the exams are qualified to attend the course.



  • The profile of the Italian Certified Espresso;
  • Structure of the seminar Espresso Italiano Experience;
  • Follow-up operations at the end of the seminar Espresso Italiano Experience.

Two tasting sessions (3 espresso each)

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