International Coffee Tasting 2018

International Coffee Tasting 2016

The International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac) with the cooperation of the Italian Tasters CSA and the support of Iiac Japan, Iiac Korea, Iiac Taiwan and Iiac China under the patronage of the International Academy of Sensory Analysis (Iasa) organizes the “International Coffee Tasting 2018”, an international competition for single origin coffees or coffee blends, in beans or ground or single dose, for espresso, moka or filter in Milan (Italy) on the 29th and the 30th of November 2018.
The International Coffee Tasting 2018 is restricted to the following coffee categories:
A. single origins or blends (ground or in beans) for filter, Neapolitan coffee pot, Chemex and V60;
B. ground single origins or blends for moka (Italian coffee pot);
C. single origin or blends in beans for automatic non-professional coffee machines;
D. single-dose single origins or blends;
E. Italian blends in beans for espresso;
F. non-Italian blends or single origins in beans for espresso.