The national associations

The member registration book numbers over 6.000 names distributed throughout 43 countries. Second tasters association in the world, Iiac is certainly the first in Italy for number of foreign members.

Part of the merit undoubtedly goes to the fame of Italian blends and espresso preparation equipment, but a big part of Iiac’s popularity abroad must be ascribed to the farsightedness of the board of directors, to the effective and clear didactics, the educational material written in several languages (the Espresso Italiano Tasting course book is in 9 languages, including Russian and Japanese) and to the trainers who hold classes in different languages.

Keeping contacts, managing members living in far countries and following their progress efficiently had become impossible. That is why the board of directors issued a regulation stating that the foreign branches can be set up as actual associations (or similar bodies, pursuant to regulations) and have their own identity yet remaining part of Iiac and using its brand, didactics and material.