Module 5 - The science of roasting, the art of blending

A green coffee bean secretly treasures the qualities it can express once roasted. And, as coffee conceals the code of its sensory expression, only the roaster's mastery can detect it to make the best of the roasting process and obtain highly hedonic blends. When did this art, passed down from generation to generation and so popular in Italy, originate? How can current scientific knowledge contribute to the objective? How do you select green coffee, how do you design a blend? What is the correct roasting process for obtaining the best from any origin? This course wants to answer all these questions.

Theory deals with:

  • green coffee selection;
  • roasting: technologies, processes and results;
  • blend design and making.

The practice classes include descriptive tests with high informative and/or definition significance involving different origins at different roasting stages.

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