Module 4 - Sensory characterization of single origins and blends

The course will focus on the structure of sensory analysis and on the different types of tests, to then examine the drawing up of product assessment cards and descriptive tests with high informative and definition significance. This path promotes the improvement of one's own sensory capacities and perception expression. The whole involves a specific product, coffee, by also examining its sensory variations occurring when specific conditions of the productive process are altered.

Theory contents:

  • structure of sensory analysis: consumers' tests, discrimination tests, descriptive tests;
  • techniques and methods for learning how to perform effective product description;
  • descriptor features and the creation of assessment cards;
  • characteristics of the examined product and variation in the production process inducing variations of the sensory profile;
  • tasting data interpretation and the assessment of the performance of the taster.

The theory part is completed by practical tests supporting the participants in experiencing the product: participants carry out a descriptive semantic test and two descriptive tests with high informative and/or definition significance.

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