Module 3 - Senses, brain, sensory analysis

The objective of the course is to introduce sensory analysis and its fields of application, not only for coffee but for any product to be consumed which can be assessed by sense organs. Strongly interactive and featuring several activities as well as theory classes, this course is tailored to enable the participants to develop the necessary knowledge regarding the potential of their own sensory organs and the mechanisms which lead to the interpretation of a stimulus and to measurement of perception.

Theory includes:

  • the path from stimulus to perception: what happens in the physiologic and psychological ambit;
  • sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste: how they work, potentials and limits;
  • mechanisms and powers of synaesthesia.

Practice will deal with:

  • personality test;
  • visual perception test,
  • smell perception and identification test;
  • tactile and taste sensation perception test;
  • discrimination capacity test.

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