Iiac has been popular with Japanese for long time, as their culture appreciates the tasting method and the rigor with which the Institute maintains its independence from any commercial influence together with its devotion to scientific sensory assessment. But it was thanks to the efforts of Yumiko Momoi, now deputy secretary- general of the association, that on 28th April 2008, Iiac Japan was presented at the Institute of Italian Culture in Tokyo.

The newly born association was inaugurated by Mario Vattani, then First Councillor of the Italian Embassy in Tokyo, Luigi Odello, Iiac secretary-general and Yumiko Momoi herself. Iiac Japan was founded by Japanese citizens Masayoshi Yonekawa (chairman), Yumiko Momoi (director), Yaunori Nakamura (secretary-general), Yasuo Toyota (manager), Noriyoshi Terayama (auditor).

Website: http://www.coffeetasters.jp/