Professional Master of Coffee Science and Sensory Analysis

The goal of this Professional Master is of providing, through sensory analysis, criteria and practical application tools for orientating production, along the whole production process, towards the achievement of a product able to ensure customers' maximum pleasure. Practical training will explain and illustrate the tools for recognizing through senses qualities and defects in the cup, how to obtain maximum sensory potential in extraction at the coffee shop, sensory analysis tests for assessing quality and stability of production result and, finally, sensory analysis data and the specific tests for fast selection of green coffee, roasting and blending methods, supported by scientific confidence. The whole with the aim of achieving consumers' best satisfaction at cup stage.

The duration is 40 hours broken up into five consecutive one-day modules. Modules can be also attended separately.

Module 1 - Espresso Italiano Tasting (license course)

Making a perfect espresso is not a simple task. A large number of variables has to be kept under control: the coffee blend, the coffee grinder, the espresso machine and the barista’s hand of course. Every single variable will influence the final result and the judgment on the quality of the espresso in the cup is up to the taster. Learn how to distinguish good espresso from poor one and how to get a precise sensory profile of the cup in front of you. (read more...)

Module 2 - Espresso Italiano Specialist

Pushing a button is not enough to get a perfect espresso every time your customer asks for one. In the “Espresso Italiano Specialist” training course you will learn how to choose the coffee blend and to manage it. Moreover you will have a very in-depth look into the influence of the machinery on the sensory profile of the Italian espresso. (read more...)

Module 3 - Senses, brain, sensory analysis

The objective of the course is to introduce sensory analysis and its fields of application, not only for coffee but for any product to be consumed which can be assessed by sense organs. Strongly interactive and featuring several activities as well as theory classes, this course is tailored to enable the participants to develop the necessary knowledge regarding the potential of their own sensory organs and the mechanisms which lead to the interpretation of a stimulus and to measurement of perception. (read more...)

Module 4 -Sensory characterization of single origins and blends

The course will focus on the structure of sensory analysis and on the different types of tests, to then examine the drawing up of product assessment cards and descriptive tests with high informative and definition significance. This path promotes the improvement of one's own sensory capacities and perception expression. The whole involves a specific product, coffee, by also examining its sensory variations occurring when specific conditions of the productive process are altered. (read more...)

Module 5 - The science of roasting, the art of blending

A green coffee bean secretly treasures the qualities it can express once roasted. And, as coffee conceals the code of its sensory expression, only the roaster's mastery can detect it to make the best of the roasting process and obtain highly hedonic blends. When did this art, passed down from generation to generation and so popular in Italy, originate? How can current scientific knowledge contribute to the objective? How do you select green coffee, how do you design a blend? What is the correct roasting process for obtaining the best from any origin? This course wants to answer all these questions. (read more...)

Espresso Italiano Trainer

The Espresso Italiano Trainer is entitled to hold the seminars “Espresso Italiano Experience”. He is an ambassador of the Italian espresso culture and passes on information and basic tasting techniques to students, in order to evaluate the drink. (read more...)